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War and Peace

This series involves ideas about war and peace. Starting as I child I drew war machines: tanks, jets, gunships, and I have pretty much drawqn them all of my life. I have been drawing them obsessively lately. They are a sort of meditation of why we as a nation are so in love with the idea of war as a solution, so accepting of its costs to us and the unfortunate nations who receive our attentions.

Why do little boys play with toy soldiers, play war, and draw war scenes? I am a product of America in the 1950's and this is how I grew up. It is how the people who are in power grew up. I really enjoy drawing these simple war shapes. To me they are cartoony, but in the innocence of these images there is a sinisterness. They are a reminder of how far we have not come. When will we change? To me they are cute, ironic, tragic. I laugh and I cry. Then I paint the next one. I cannot imagine why anyone else would want one on their walls.

Two Helicopter Gunships
Acrylic on Canvas

Two Doves
Acrylic on Canvas

White Oil Cycle
Acrylic, Pencil on Canvas

Green Tank
Acrylic on Canvas

Two White Tanks
Acrylic, Pencil, Crayon on Canvas

Faceless with Cartoon Bomb
Acrylic, Pencil, Pastel on Canvas, 32" x 22"

Air Superiority
Acrylic, Pencil, Pastel on Canvas, 32" x 22"

Tank and Pyramids
Acrylic, Pencil on Paper, 16" x 11"

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